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pink ivory tassel necklace
pink ivory tassel necklace

pink ivory tassel necklace

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All necklaces are one of a kind so please read the descriptions of the necklaces carefully when ordering as tassel and chain length may vary.


This South African wood can range from a pale brownish pink to a bright almost neon pink.


  • 2 1/2" pink ivory spindle
  • 8" white horse hair tassel
  • 30" silver chain.


Care for your necklace is simple, if hair becomes unruly hold spindle in palm of hand and firmly grasp hair where it meets wood. With a wide tooth comb start at bottom of tassel and work your way up. When done combing pluck any extra crazy hairs by wrapping around finger and yanking as close to wood as possible. If wood loses luster simply buff with walnut oil (commonly used on wood cutting boards and easily purchased where kitchen items are sold)